Sunday, March 3, 2013

In which I am sick, and tired.

It has not been the most productive week.  I was able to write out a scene Wednesday night, between work, and babysitting; but other then that nothing.  I had good intentions for this weekend, but this weekend had other intentions for me, and I spent all of Saturday between the bathroom, and my bed.  Today, I was able to get up despite some seriously achy legs, neck, and shoulders.  I even took a walk.  I thought getting my blood moving would be beneficial.  I made it up to the Cafe I frequent; but I spent most of the time staring out the window. 

I realized that the notebook I grabbed was a journal I took to Honduras last Summer.  I read through it, and it brought back good, and negative memories; it is interesting to read what you wrote in a different time, and most certainly; a different place.  It feels like more time has passed then really has.  I had forgotten about the Honduran boys collecting giant beetles in discarded plastic bags; only to chuck them at our girls as they walked by.  I forgot how sweltering the sun could be even high up in the mountains, and how hard it was to communicate; not just with the Hondurans, but with those on my own team.   There weren't many entries in the journal, so it didn't take long to read.  After a few more minutes of staring out the window, and at blank paper; I gave in, and walked back home.

I wouldn't say it was a completely fruitless venture; I actually thought through a character I'd been debating about for several days now; and found a spot for them that actually made sense.  This character would probably be the most magical character I have so far; in fact- this character shouldn't even exist.   My intention going forward is that my characters are limited in special abilities.  And, that can be hard when trying to make a story based in a fantasy world go forward.  My Main Character isn't going to find out he has a secret parentage of Gods, or Wizards.  I want him to be as real as you, or me; but vital to the story nonetheless- just like you, or me.  It can be difficult to balance.  At least I have more pieces fitting together.  On the other hand I still have so much to write out, and I'm feeling pretty puny right now.  Hopefully, I'll have a chance to sit down this week, and update my story.  Soon I will need to print a copy out, and take an editorial pen to it.  I don't want to get rid of much right now- only make sure the sequence of events is making sense.

I have a lot to do this week; but here is what I'll probably be doing momentarily.

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