Sunday, February 24, 2013

Eyes bigger then her stomach...

I've been having a hard time not making this story too big.  At the rate I'm going it'll have to be 1,700 pages long.  Now some of you might accept such a challenge; but I'm pretty confident it would be a hard sell to any agent/publisher.  Not that I'm anywhere near 1,700 pages, mind you; more like 35- but in my head it remains massive.  Ideally, I would have the opportunity to turn it in to a serial; realistically- I need to finish writing one book before I start outlining the next eight. 

I suppose it's a good sign I'm motivated to expand this story beyond what I had originally intended.  The fact that I'm getting past the fear of completing it at all is a very good sign.  I get excited about what is to come, and what could come; and it is hard not to jump ahead to the good parts.  This is true in reading, writing, and in life.  What is harder, and more satisfying, is making the parts in-between equally good. 

As I continue to work on the in-between parts; I want you to know that I am trying to come up with an apt description of my story.  I need something to tell people when they ask about it.  All I can say right now is that it concerns two people sent on individual jouneys; who discover their paths are one and the same.  But with dragons.  Well, maybe.

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  1. That sounds.. Intriguing! Did I spell that right? Well anyway. Yeah. :) You had me at dragons.