Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The bright side...

This post is coming late, and I apologize.  I like to post on Sundays because I usually have a lot of time to reflect before I write.  This last Sunday I was reflecting on why I owe the Federal Government money, and why my dreams of financial Independence were yet another step away.  I admit it took a couple of days to look on the bright side.

Today is different.  Today my mind is free to dwell on other things.  Positive things.  New things.  You see; I belong to a small band of Adventurers.  Once a month we gather together, and attempt something we have never done before.  This coming Saturday I am going solo on a reconnaissance mission for an upcoming adventure.  I will infiltrate an exclusive party, gather information, and through my contact- whom I have never met; will network on behalf of my team.  If I am successful my colleagues and I will soon be posing as crew in a local, competitive, sailing race.  Hopefully, no one will catch on that I have no idea what I'm doing.

I mean, you haven't caught on yet; have you?  

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