Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Early Poems: Part One

After moving to my own house I have been going through The Boxes.  You know the ones.  Filled with priceless worthless treasure; trinkets, movie tickets, birthday and Christmas cards, half empty journals, random photos that never found a frame.

I've found more than a couple journals slathered with awkward writings and poems.  As I come across ones that don't make me cringe, I will share them here.

I'll start with the following three. Keep in mind that the poems below are a good 6-8 years old.  But I don't know if that makes them worse, or better.


I walked a while in my skin
It peeled and blistered in the sun.
It slipped down, I pulled it up again
Clinging to the burden.

I felt a numbing to the touch
A stinging in my racing blood.
I dropped the fabric from my hands
I left it laying on the ground.

I heard a whisper in the wood
I followed till I found the sound.
I was at last, as I wished,
fully clothed as I bowed down.


While you were locking down the doors
A shadow slipped in undetected
It haunted all your corners
It fell where hope was unprotected

You really need to dust these places you've neglected.

Do you see her?

Do you see her?
Isn't she good?
It would be far better
If she understood
My love doesn't falter
This flame does not flicker
I'll meet her at the alter
When her Fall turns to Winter

Look to my daughter
Behold my servant
Check out My baby
- isn't she worth it?
I wish she knew me
Her sacrificial Lamb
She's everything she should be
I know because I Am

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Back in Font

I was going to call this Back in Ink, but this is a blog so no ink was harmed in the making of this post.

After a small hiatus of 4 or 5 years I am returning to my blog.  This blog will be full of poems, stories, anecdotes, and (hopefully) updates from our oft delinquent Adventure Club. 

I will not set a strict schedule except that I will post at least once a week. 

Welcome back, you guys!  And, Welcome back, me!

Friday, October 25, 2013


I'm back!  My trip to Oregon was great.  I wandered all over Gresham, Beaverton, and Portland with my friends and family.  It was just want I needed, and although I was ready to come home, I already miss it.  I will share more about my time there in an upcoming post; however, right now I have something else on my mind:  National Novel Writing Month, aka NaNoWriMo.

*Official crest of NaNoWriMo: That's right- we have a crest.

NaNoWriMo is kind of a big deal- well, at least to professional and aspiring writers.   It is held every November and thousands of writers participate every year.  In fact, over 145,000 novels are currently registered* on, (including mine)!  There is one real purpose to NaNoWriMo: To get you started on that book.  You know- that book you've wanted to write since you were fourteen, twenty-six, fifty, as far back as you can remember, whenever; NaNoWriMo is the kick in the pants you've been waiting for.   

The rules are simple:  50,000 words in 30 days.  They don't even have to be good words.  Just write.  What do you write?  Anything.  Subject/content/characters are all up to you.  You can do it alone, with friends, or join others in your community who are participating.  There are always groups getting together for write-ins, meet and greets, and advice.  Registration is free and you'll have access to all kinds of resources and community forums. 

If you meet this goal- Yay!  If you don't- Yay! You started!  I did it last year, and only made it to 10,000 words.  But that's okay, because its 10,000 words more than what I had before NaNoWriMo.  With less than a week to go, I'm busy preparing for November 1st.  I decided to pick up where I left off last year and turn my 10,000 words into 60,000.  I have all my pages typed up, and just need to finish entering my edits.

Now you might be wondering, "Is NaNoWriMo right for me?"  The answer is YES.  Why?  Because it is right for anyone who wants to try.  And, I think we can agree, that you want to try.

Click here: National Novel Writing Month awaits.

*Registration is only a commitment to participate.  It does not mean you have to upload your novel, or that it will be viewed by others.  The website does allow you to share a brief summary or excerpts from your novel, but it is not required. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Curling and Other Natural Disasters

As I alluded in my previous post, there are many more adventures planned before the year is up.  I did say I would be posting some photos of a star gazing trip, and a Bonny Knees competition.  Well, the star gazing was postponed due to inclement weather, and none of my Knee shots turned out.  All you have to know about a Bonny Knee competition:  Blindfolded girls feeling up the knees of kilted men.  Yay, for my heritage!  Don't get any ideas; I was merely a spectator. 

To round out September, my friends and I opted for Curling; another Scotland-originated activity.  Curling isn't terribly easy to convey in a few sentences, so please enjoy the following "instructional" videos:

The importance of Form over Distance:

The benefit of Distance over Technique:

The importance of Follow Through:

(Ellen, Laura, Rachel, & our spontaneous teammate, Jun)
Well, I hope you now know all you ever needed to about Curling.  If not, please visit for some actual background on this Olympic sport.
I will be on the road the next couple of weeks, visiting friends and family in Oregon.  I look forward to sharing about my time there with you all.  Have a great October!


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Photo Gallery

Good afternoon, Everyone.  I was browsing through my previous posts and realised that I have very few pictures to back up any of my stories.  So, not in any particular order, I proudly present...
Proof I Do Stuff (Part One):

I sail:



I get invited to swank parties:



I'm not afraid to get my Gypsy on:
 I actually did eat that Habanero Pizza:

I met a Penguin:
I was helpful at weddings:
Oh, and this happened (Boise Comic Con):
So...I hope that settles things.  See you around for Part Two, where I witness a Bonny Knee competition, take a trip to see the stars (the ones in the sky, not in Hollywood), and attempt curling...

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I have been MIA for a few weeks now and I feel like I've neglected you.  I know you've been up nights waiting for my next post, and I apologize.  I'm back now, so get ready for a good night's sleep!

I've been out of control lately.  I have been super emotional, super tired, super ready to crawl back in to bed five minutes after getting up.  It's been hard.  We have required overtime at work every week, and I've been putting in extra time to try to get a hold on my bills.  My brain is numb at the end of the day. I suppose that is one reason I've been away so long.  Per my Counselor's request, I have also been journaling everyday and that taps me out in the writing department.  I am keeping a record of my ups and downs, looking for patterns, triggers, and angst.  It is a good practice, even if you're not dealing with depression, it is a helpful way to assess how you are doing and what is important to you.

Despite all this, I have managed to complete adventures, hang out with friends, and check things off my To-Do-List.  I attended Roller Derby for the first time, went back to Flying Pie for seconds of Habanero Pizza, am attending our local Highland Games in two weeks, and am planning a late night star-gazing trip to the Bruneau Observatory with friends.  September has been one of the most eventful months of the summer.  I guess it is good to keep busy.  September has not always been a good month in my life.  September marks several difficult anniversaries.  Throughout the years friends have moved away, jobs have fallen apart, I lost my Grandmother, and years later, my Father; all in September.  So I am grateful to be busy.  I will gladly accumulate as many pleasant memories to associate with this month as I can.

What I'm really looking forward to is October.  October is my favorite time of year.  The weather gets cooler.  The leaves start changing.  The fire season in Idaho finally starts receding. October is a breath of fresh air.  It also sets off the beginning of several festive events and holidays, which I love.  Another reason to love October is that I'm taking a vacation.  I am spending 10 days in Portland, OR, to visit family and friends.  I am driving- my first big road trip by myself- and have been entertaining myself by mapping out my route online.  I can't wait, and I can't wait to share my trip with all of you! 

So, here's to happier memories, and to more blog posts.  I will see you soon.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


The Flying Pie Habanero Pizza.

Come one, come all, to ruin your palate on this deceptively delicious, gourmet, seasonal pie. 

Tip: Ask for cream cheese as an additional topping.  It cuts the heat.

Flying Pie Pizza is a regional favorite and you have to give them a try if you're ever in Idaho.  Every year in August when Habanero peppers are in full force, so is this pizza.  It is a big event for pizza lovers; even those who hate habaneros are more than happy to file in as spectators.

Warning:  You have to sign a waiver to take this pizza out of the restaurant

There are three levels to the Habanero Pizza:

Level One:  Approximately 6 fresh habanero peppers (heat equivalent of 5lbs of jalapeños). 
Level Two: Approximately 12 fresh habanero peppers (heat equivalent of 10lbs of jalapeños).
Level Three: Approximately 18 fresh habanero peppers (the heat equivalent of 15lbs of jalapeños).

Why would anyone submit themselves to this special kind of torture?  Well, some people love heat; some people love a challenge; and some people love to laugh at both.  Even an old pro will turn some shade of red upon consumption. 

Bonus:  Free ice cream with every pizza ordered.

I'm not getting paid to write this, (although if they wanted to buy me a slice, I'd let them).  I only bring it up because Flying Pie's Habanero pizza was one of the very first outings of my Adventure of the Month Club.  It holds a special place in my heart, and I look forward to it even though it's hotter than my personal liking.  I was there just this last Friday, and will be meeting some more friends this coming weekend for a second round.

 So, If you're ever in the area late summer, and ready for a challenge, you know where to find me.

Remember:  Avoid touching your face until after you've washed your hands.  Habanero oil in your eye is an adventure worth skipping.