Monday, March 25, 2013

The Jib, the Hull, and the What?

As I mentioned in my previous post; I was to attend a Banquet Saturday night for a local Sailing Club.  To be honest, I didn't know we had a local Sailing Club.  Kind of land bound here.  We do however, have some good lakes scattered about; and those who love to sail make frequent use of them.  Between April, and October, SISA (Southern Idaho Sailing Association), holds several regattas, (Glossary provided below).  I feel it was a successful event.  I went in, and actually talked to people!  About tillers!, and hulls!, and Oh, My!- there are a lot of names for things on a boat. 

I will be studying such terms, and diagrams over the next several weeks; because when I'm out on the water, being yelled at; I want to know why I'm in trouble.  I met several people who were more than happy to answer my questions, and offer important advice such as: 

Clothing:  Wear layers. It can get pretty cold because of the wind. Gloves- we'll be pulling lines (ropes) and it can be pretty painful. Sneakers- with good tracking.

Food: Bring a sandwich/water. Nothing fancy- something you can eat with one hand is best.

Bathroom: Go before you get on the water. Some boats have a "toilet." But...yeah better to go beforehand

Precautions: They can supply life jackets. It is important to wear a good sunscreen, and if possible one that protects from wind burn as well.

As you can tell, a very entertaining sailing post is on the horizon.  Maybe as soon as early May!  I look forward to sharing it with you.  In the meantime, outside of studying sailing terms; I will be working on my story, and getting my characters in to a more complicated situation- involving a prison convict, and father issues.

Regatta: A series of boat races, usually of sailboats or rowboats, but occasionally of powered boats.

Hull: The main body of a ship or other vessel, including the bottom, sides, and deck but not the masts, superstructure, rigging, engines, and...The outer covering of a fruit or seed, esp. the pod of peas and beans, or the husk of grain.
Tiller: a lever used for steering, attached to the top of the rudder post. Used mainly on smaller vessels, such as dinghies and rowing boats.
Jib: A triangular staysail at the front of a ship.
Staysail: A sail whose luff is attached to a forestay.
Luff: The forward edge of a sail.
Forestay: Long lines or cables, reaching from the bow of the vessel to the mast heads, used to support the mast. can look up the rest.  It just goes on, and on...

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