Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Curling and Other Natural Disasters

As I alluded in my previous post, there are many more adventures planned before the year is up.  I did say I would be posting some photos of a star gazing trip, and a Bonny Knees competition.  Well, the star gazing was postponed due to inclement weather, and none of my Knee shots turned out.  All you have to know about a Bonny Knee competition:  Blindfolded girls feeling up the knees of kilted men.  Yay, for my heritage!  Don't get any ideas; I was merely a spectator. 

To round out September, my friends and I opted for Curling; another Scotland-originated activity.  Curling isn't terribly easy to convey in a few sentences, so please enjoy the following "instructional" videos:

The importance of Form over Distance:

The benefit of Distance over Technique:

The importance of Follow Through:

(Ellen, Laura, Rachel, & our spontaneous teammate, Jun)
Well, I hope you now know all you ever needed to about Curling.  If not, please visit for some actual background on this Olympic sport.
I will be on the road the next couple of weeks, visiting friends and family in Oregon.  I look forward to sharing about my time there with you all.  Have a great October!



  1. Ahhhh, that was inspiring! I never knew so many possibilities with curling could be accomplished!

  2. ahhhh, that was inspiring!! I never knew so many techniques were involved in curling. Great job!