Thursday, July 4, 2013

Off with Her Head...

Confession time!  When it gets hot, and I'm taking one of my long walks, my hands plump up like the Incredible Hulk.  See!:

Before pic

After pic

And, I don't want to hear "I don't see the difference," because if I do, I'll crush you with my gigantic hands. 

I decided to post these pictures, because in my country today is a day about Freedom.  And, I'm posting these pictures to liberate myself.  I'm tired of feeling awkward about the size and shape of my body.  Tired of hiding behind throw pillows, and strategically large purses.  My body fluctuates, (hence the pics), I have scars, bumps and calloused heels.  I'm overweight; when I work at it, I lose weight.  Sometimes old habits win, and I gain it back.  It is the body I was born with.  It has suffered some abuse over the years, and I'll never look as good as some women, but if I feel healthy, and comfortable- why isn't that beautiful enough?  Maybe not photo-shop/bikini beautiful, but everyday beautiful.

I'd be remiss if I told you I believe this without wavering.  I fight inside my mind plenty about whether I'm good enough, and although I've received my share of insults from others, most of the criticism comes from myself.  My head becomes my own worst enemy.  Lots of people live this way, and it is a tragic waste of our energy, and not what we were created for. So, I hope my amazingly large hand(s) inspire you to not be ashamed of your own wonderful, imperfect, and fearfully-made body.  At any rate, I hope it reminds you not to take physical appearance too seriously, and that you are not alone in that struggle.

Oh, and- Happy Independence Day!  May we continue to live in freedom from our enemies- the ones who wish to hurt us- from without or from within.

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