Sunday, June 16, 2013

Call out...

I am not consistent in my writing.  I ignore inspiration until it turns reluctantly away, leaving me to my own time-wasting devices.  By the time I'm ready to sit down and write, all my ideas have abandoned me- and rightfully so.  As inspiration has left me, and I'm vastly behind on my blogging; it's time to give credit where credit is due: Netflix, Pinterest, and Facebook.  Amazing time killers.  Creators of Writer's Block.  And, in moderation- great things.  Two hours of Kitchen Nightmares, and Supernatural, is entertaining, and a refreshing break from daily stresses.  Nine hours of Kitchen Nightmares, and Supernatural, well, that's an addiction.  And, with any addiction, there is the penalty of having all your natural human energy sucked away by heartless things that will never appreciate, never grow, or benefit from it. 

Truthfully, I could blame these havens of time-suckery for my lack of progress, but as I've said many times- it all comes down to a choice, and the choice is mine.  When I think about my story- the story that I both hate and love, enjoy and find excruciating, am most proud and most ashamed- I choose to not think about it.  I could choose to finish it, change it, throw it out the window, but instead I choose to ignore it.  How self defeating.  I'm making all these changes in my life to get better physically, improve my finances, and try new things, but I won't change the one thing that could make the biggest difference- how I approach my story.  I need to approach it as an ally, not an enemy.  A friend, not an adversary.  At the very least- a frenemy.

I am a very introspective person, and it is hard for me to ask for advice.  So, I am making a choice right now to ask for help.  Any advice out there on how to turn things around?  What gets you back on track?  It would be much appreciated.

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